Who We Are

Axcell is a consulting firm that started operation in Egypt in February 2017. Throughout our business endeavors along with our insights into the needs of the markets, we strive to help our clients use their resources efficiently and use most suitable technology. Axcell provides unique value to its customers and is entirely committed to deliver a reliable customer back-office support to help businesses focus on core activities. We help Entrepreneurs, Investors, lenders, management, and corporate directors gain confidence in the financial information, processes, and controls implemented within each business cycle, so they can make informed decisions. We strive to make use of latest technologies where ERP alone cannot fulfill, like automation of certain processes that would result into lower cost of operations.

Compared to in-sourcing, our model relies on our outsourcing capabilities and being updated with latest laws, regulations, technologies, not mentioning our independence and our ultimate responsibilities towards shareholders and business owners. Outsourced business solutions are the most common form of efficient business support services, because it provides most updated service level, while related cost is measured at the number of man days worked, compared to full time employment


Be the most suitable choice for businesses to optimize their working environments, maximize their ROI, and create value to shareholders.


(PPS) People, Process, System

  • Strengthen Peoples’ competence to create a strong impact on professional conduct.

  • Simplify business Processes to save time and effort

  • Improve systems used with smart solutions

Our Clients

Our extensive services extend to different industries, healthcare, trading, services, to name a few. Our approach to each assignment is to answer a specific question, How to maximize the benefits for our clients.

Our Partners

Managing Director

Hazem Kassem