Outsourcing Excellence from the Heart of Egypt

Empower Your Software Development with Axcell Teams

Axcell is your premier partner in technology outsourcing. With our core teams based in Egypt, we specialize in offering competitively priced, high-quality IT solutions. Whether you need a full time, or on demand support teams, who are fluent in Arabic and English, Our professionals are equipped to bridge language barriers and align with your time zone and cost expectations.

Our services

We recruit, and provide outsourced, hand picked teams in different technology domains, to meet your project’s demands. From Python specialists to full-stack developers, we recruit the talents you need. Whether for short-term assistance or long-term projects, Axcell ensures your digital transformation is seamless and successful.

ERP implementation consultancy, our experts and support teams for different applications, SAP, ERP Next, Odoo, Oracle Netsuite, Zoho, will help you choose the most suitable system for your business, and make sure implementation is successful.

Industries we serve

Axcell’s talent solutions cut across various industries. From healthcare to fintech, retail to logistics, we ensure your industry’s digital needs are met with precision and expertise.

Innovative IT Outsourcing with Global Remote Teams

At Axcell, we redefine the boundaries of outsourcing by harnessing the power of remote teams. Our approach combines the latest in technology with a vast pool of talents, ensuring your business not only keeps pace with digital transformations but leads the way.

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Remote Teams is the cornerstone of modern business efficiency.

With our services, you gain access to:

Talents Pool

Our network of talented professionals, offering you a diverse range of skilled professionals. From seasoned software developers to cutting-edge Machine Learning specialists, our remote teams are equipped with the expertise to tackle complex technological challenges.

Flexibility and Scalability

Adapt to changing business needs with ease. Our remote model allows you to scale your IT team up or down without the logistical hurdles of traditional hiring processes.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Save on overhead costs without compromising on quality. Remote outsourcing offers the advantage of top-tier software expertise at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams.

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We specialize in a broad spectrum of IT services, tailored to meet your unique needs:

Software Development

Custom applications, system integrations, and more – crafted by our adept software engineers.

Cloud Services

Maximize your cloud potential with our expert assistance in migration, management, and optimization.


Protect your digital assets with robust security solutions, designed and implemented by our cybersecurity experts.

Data Analytics

Transform data into actionable insights with the help of our analytics gurus.

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Our commitment to seamless integration sets us apart.

We ensure:

Effortless Collaboration

Our remote teams integrate smoothly with your in-house staff, fostering a collaborative environment regardless of geographical distances.

Management Commitment

Our management team is deeply committed to prioritizing and addressing each client's request with the utmost importance and meticulous care, ensuring personalized and efficient solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Regular Updates and Transparency

With regular progress reports and transparent communication, you're always in the loop.