Transaction Processing


Entrepreneurs can work hassle-free whether their invoices were correctly issued, collected and tax deductible. Outsourced bookkeeping, let business owners focus on core business activities which is get new business. Accounting outsourcing services are worldwide practice that expands rapidly.Companies’ needs can change in an instant. Axcell’s flexible transaction processing solutions are built to respond immediately to those changes.

The result: your firm won’t miss any opportunity and will focus on the core business activities rather than process non -core functions like:

  • payroll
  • Bookkeeping & General Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Cost Accounting and Inventory
  • Fixed Asset / Prepayments / Accruals
  • Payroll Outsourcing
Bookkeeping & General Accounting

Bookkeeping is a must for every business who want to succeed financially and do things right. It’s the process of recording financial transactions such as purchases, sales, receipts, and payments, either by individuals or organizations. As the bookkeeper records these transactions, the accountant creates reports based on these records, which is used to file forms with the government, or for evaluation and decision-making purposes within the company. Because of this, bookkeeping needs to be done with accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency. Axcell Accounting’s experienced team of bookkeepers and accountants can perform your complete back-end accounting and bookkeeping function or individual tasks, depending on your accounting outsourcing needs. We use worldwide recognized software for bookkeeping such as QuickBooks, Sage Accounting or Client’s software, to perform the work with efficiency and accuracy.

Accounts Payable

Axcell offers proven and systematic accounts payable (AP) outsourcing services that help our clients simplify procure-to-pay operations. We help them ensure maximum accuracy of AP management with our experienced and dedicated accounting specialists. You can easily open and track purchase orders and transactions. You can track costs and eliminate errors by monitoring your entire business process flow through purchasing, receiving, and accounts payable, almost eliminating risk of fraud completely.

Accounts Receivable

In business, cash is king. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any enterprise, and having an efficient system for accounts receivable is essential steadily managing the flow of cash and payments. Often, however, managing accounts receivable takes a toll on a business’s limited resources, taking up time that could instead be invested in growing the business. That said, accounts receivable outsourcing frees up two of the most valuable assets of any company-time and money. With Axcell high-reliability, you can maximize efficiency and focus on growth opportunities, significantly reducing the cost of managing accounts receivable without sacrificing quality and swift account turnover.

Cost Accounting and Inventory

Cost accounting is a very detailed process of collecting, analyzing, and evaluating financial data in order to give companies and business owners intelligent course of action based on cost efficiency and capacity utilization, as well as pricing products/services. This allows the management to make business decisions and enhance operations that will set the direction of the company moving forward. Inventory, on the other hand, involves management of stocks and goods, for business purposes. This includes purchase and acquisition of merchandise, ordering, shipping, handling, each step requires cost monitoring and accounting experts. Axcell provides cost accounting and inventory control services for organizations in different industries. With years of experience up our sleeves, our team of CMAs and accounting experts will assist you in preparing financial reports periodically, and set up a cost accounting system that’s customized to your company’s specific requirements.

Fixed Assets - Prepayment - Accruals

Most companies struggle to accurately track their fixed assets; it’s an important aspect and concern of every company of any size. The challenge comes when a company has to track everything – its condition, location, quantity, maintenance, and depreciation status while maintaining focus on growth and its business cores. Axcell eases that difficulty by offering fixed asset management solutions. We can apply any tracking approach that would best fit your business requirements or integrate with your current processes.